Spectator Buses

A convenient and environmentally friendly way to get yourself out to the special stages is to take a bus! The rally organiser is arraning bus transport for spectators to and from the following special stages: SS3/5 Sahlonen-Moksi on Friday, SS9/13 Arvaja on Saturday and SS17/19 Ruuhimäki (Power Stage) on Sunday.

All spectator bus tickets include the return fare (i.e. a round-trip to the stage and back). You can purchase your bus ticket in advance and pay less. Tickets are also sold on the buses for a higher price. When buying your ticket in advance, you will receive an e-ticket on your mobile phone, and the bus driver will check your ticket on board.

The buses depart from the Arrivals / Charter platform (“saapuvat / tilausajo”) at the Jyväskylä city’s combined railway and bus station, the Jyväskylä Travel Centre (“Matkakeskus” in Finnish). At the stages, buses for the return journey depart from the same spot that they arrived in.

FRIDAY 1 October Return ticket in advance 15 €, on the bus 20 €
Jyväskylä – Moksi / Moksi – Jyväskylä

SATURDAY 2 October Return ticket in advance 20 €, on the bus 25 €
Jyväskylä – Arvaja / Arvaja – Jyväskylä

SUNDAY 3 October Return ticket in advance 10 €, on the bus 15 €
Jyväskylä – Ruuhimäki / Ruuhimäki – Jyväskylä


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