Responsibility at Rally Finland is the prerequisite of the event and we want to be a responsible event producer in the future. Below you can read about how responsibility is reflected in different forms at Rally Finland.


  • Rally Finland is committed to the “Action for Environment” programme of the International Automobile Federation FIA, and the event has achieved the highest level of the three-level FIA Environmental Accreditation system (also the Finnish ASN, AKK-Motorsport, has also achieved the highest level).
  • The event partners are committed to working together in developing an even more responsible WRC event (including e.g. spectator transport arrangements, biofuels, recycling, waste management, reducing energy and water consumption, materials, decorations/stickers)
  • Rally Finland carries out numerous environmental responsibility projects and campaigns (e.g. the digital Official Guide produced in cooperation with Mediahouse Keskisuomalainen; Toyota hybrid models as the organisation cars; PVC-free stickers on the organisation vehicles in cooperation with Grano; renewable materials in the VIP ticket production in cooperation with Corego).
  • In addition to the Rally Finland organisation, the special stage staff, volunteers, media representatives, event guests and other stakeholders are encouraged to commit to building an even more environmentally responsible event.

Safety and social responsibility

  • The Rally Finland organisation works all year round to ensure public safety, and this entails continuous cooperation with the authorities – e.g. the Police, the Emergency Services Academy Finland (i.e. “Pelastusopisto”) and the Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency TUKES.
  • The governing body for world motorsport, the FIA, sets a framework of rules for the safety matters and instructs the organiser on the various safety arrangements to be put in place in all WRC events. During the competition, the FIA monitors the implementation of the spectator safety factors.
  • For an equal and accessible customer experience, the Rally Finland organiser AKK collaborates with for example the Finnish Aspa Foundation.
  • The cooperation between AKK and Omnia, the Joint Authority of Education in Espoo Region, will produce motorsport professionals and sustainable development experts through Omnia’s training programmes.
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