COVID-19 information

Rally Finland and AKK Sports Ltd. take the COVID-19 pandemic seriously. We are doing our utmost to ensure safe organisation of the event under health & safety regulations.

Due to the rapid changes in the pandemic situation globally, changes in the prescriptions, regulations and restrictions as given by the FIA as well as the Finnish authorities may be expected at short notice. These changes may be limiting, but also alleviating compared to the current regulations.

Anyhow, we would like to ask all our competitors, team members, media representatives and others arriving to the event and requiring access to the High Density Areas, to prepare their travel plans to accommodate time enough for taking a PCR test on location in Jyväskylä and to wait for its results (approx. 24 h) before entering event HD areas.

Please note that the High Density rules at the Rally HQ and service park start on Tuesday 28th September 2021 at 00h01 local time.

More information about the COVID-19 rules and restrictions can be found on this page closer to the rally. Also, please make sure to check the latest rules and instructions on how to enter Finland at

Instructions for accredited attendees entering Finland for Secto Automotive Rally Finland

COVID-19 accreditation forms

All drivers, team members, suppliers and media representatives must accredit themselves and make the COVID-19 self-declaration before the rally.

The following COVID-19 accreditation and testing protocol applies to accredited persons (for example drivers, team members, suppliers, WRC personel, FIA officials, HD accredited Rally Finland organization members and media). Also LD accredited media representatives and suppliers etc. must fill out the self-declaration form.

You MUST fill out the following COVID-19 self-declaration form by Sunday 19.9.2021 at 18.00 (17.00 CET) and it must be filled out personally.

Link to the self-declaration form:

If you have any questions about the form or any other COVID-19 related issues please contact

All HD accredited persons MUST take a COVID-19 PCR test in FINLAND and the test result must NOT be more than 48h old when entering HD area. Media representatives and suppliers etc. not entering HD area must fill out the self-declaration form but must not be COVID-19 tested.

Please also make sure you upload your vaccination certificate, COVID-19 recovery certificate or home country’s PCR test result via this form:

It is mandatory to upload your certificate or test result at latest before arrival to Finland. Also keep a copy of your certificate with you when entering Finland as Finnish Border Guard will be checking them as well.

Please also make sure to fill in the Covered event attendee form and commitment form. These MUST be sent to AND at latest September 19th at 18.00 (17.00 CET). Commitment forms must be sent from those persons who have not attended a WRC event during COVID-19 pandemic.

Please download these forms below.

FIA Covered Event Attendee List

Commitment Form

Entering Finland during COVID-19 pandemic

You need to comply with Finnish Border Guards’ and Finnish Governments’ regulations on entering Finland. More information from here:

Finnish Border Guard information on entering Finland:

General information and list of low risk countries:

List of Finnish Governments’ accepted vaccines:

In a nutshell from OTHER than low risk countries (low risk country list in THL website link above):

  • If you have full vaccination set and certificate on that (at least 14 days from last vaccination) you only need PCR test (no more than 48h old when entering HD, taken in Finland) to gain entry to HD. Please see the approved vaccinations list above.
  • If you have a certificate of a laboratory confirmed coronavirus disease that has been diagnosed within 6 months you only need PCR test (no more than 48h old, taken in Finland) to gain entry to HD
  • If you have only one vaccination OR two vaccination with less than 14 days from last vaccination you need to have a PCR test taken in Finland 72h to 120h AFTER arriving to Finland. That test can be used for HD accreditation if it is less than 48h when entering HD old and taken in Finland
  • If you have only PCR test from country of origin less than 72h old when entering Finland you need to have a PCR test taken in Finland 72h to 120h after arriving to Finland. That test can be used for HD accreditation if it is less than 48h when entering HD old and taken in Finland
  • If for some reason you arrive to Finnish Border without ANY certificate you need one test at border and you need to have a PCR test taken in Finland 72h to 120h after arriving to Finland. That other test can be used for HD accreditation if it is less than 48h when entering HD old and taken in Finland

During the waiting period before PCR test in Finland we recommend that you avoid contact with people other than those living in the same apartment or place of accommodation. Avoiding contact is voluntary.. Participating in COVID-19 tests possibly required by Finnish Border Guard and Finnish Government are MANDATORY BY LAW.

NOTE! Please take these above in account when planning your trip to Finland and ask COVID Manager for more info if needed.

COVID-19 testing

In order to enter HD area you need to have yourself tested with PCR test and the test result must be negative. Also the test must be taken in Finland and the test result must NOT be older than 48h old when entering HD area. More info about how to book your test later on this message and also in attached PDF file.

The COVID-19 testing partner for Secto Automotive Rally Finland is 9Lives who will bring their own testing facility to Jyväskylä for rally personnels’ usage. Testing facility is located at Schaumanin Puistotie 18, Jyväskylä and will be open from Sunday September 26th on. Opening hours later in this message.

The test results can take up to 24h to arrive so please make sure you are in the test at right time and date. Opening hours are set so we can try to have your test results ready by next day but still you must plan your arrival to Jyväskylä accordingly. I want to underline that tests taken late in the evening will NOT be ready in the next morning.

If you have any concerns about your own testing time please contact COVID Manager.

You can also take your PCR test in some other 9Lives testing facility and thus shorten the test result arrival time for example going into the test before you leave for Jyväskylä.

Other 9Lives testing locations and their opening hours can be found here:

Also tests taken by some other test provider are accepted. If possible you can also use public health care PCR testing.

Attendees must provide their test result when getting their HD accreditation.

Testing facility opening hours in Jyväskylä:

Sun  26.9.: 12-20

Mon 27.9.: 10-20

Tue  28.9.: 10-20

Wed  29.9.: 14-20

Thu  30.9.: 12-16

Fri  1.10.: 12-16

Sat 2.10.: 12-20

Sun 3.10.: 12-20

Please note these opening hours and the time the test results take to arrive when planning your arrival to Jyväskylä.

Purchasing and booking your COVID-19 test

First make sure to book your PCR test and possible exit tests from Secto Automotive Rally Finland shop. Tests can be purchased and booked from the linke below OR by billing option (see below)

Purchase your PCR-test from here.

Choose the correct team info / stakeholder group (f.e. Media, FIA etc.) and purchase your PCR test. You will receive the code needed in the receipt after you have purchased and paid the PCR test.

Test price is 125€ (incl. VAT)

For teams and stakeholders with more than 15 persons purchasing the test please contact COVID Manager for billing option.

After you have purchased your PCR test from via website or gotten your contract number from your stakeholders’ responsible person, please proceed with the booking.

Please read the instructions carefully. Instructions on booking your test can be found here.

Booking your PCR test

In order to get your PCR test taken in 9Lives testing facility you must follow the PDF instruction attachment. If you take your PCR test somewhere else than Jyväskylä please select that location from the 9Lives site. Tests taken in Jyväskylä please select “Other”. The test booking is open from Mon 13th September 18.00 (17.00 CET) on.

The ”employer contract number” you need to have in the booking site you can get from your stakeholders’ responsible person OR in the receipt from our shop. See “Purchase” section above.

NOTE! Use this direct URL to book your PCR test and follow the instructions on the site and on the attachment PDF:

COVID Accreditation and bracelet collection

You will get your PCR test result via SMS and secure email to the contact info you filled out to 9Lives site (up to 24h). After you have received your PCR test result please come to the COVID Centre (Schaumanin Puistotie 18, Jyväskylä) for accreditation and bracelet collection.

COVID Centre opening hours (NOTE! Testing facility opening hours above!)

Sun 26.9.: 16-19

Mon 27.9.: 10-21

Tue 28.9.: 9-20

Wed 29.9.: 9-20

Thu 30.9.: 10-20

Fri 1.10.: 10-16


SUN 3.10.: 10-16

Please contact COVID Manager if you need to collect your bracelets outside normal opening hours.

Collective bracelet collection for stakeholders with more than 15 attendees can be arranged by contacting COVID Manager.

NOTE! Please remember to have your HD bracelet visible all the time when in HD area. If the bracelet breaks you can have a new one from COVID Centre.

If you have COVID-19 disease symptoms or have a positive PCR result

If you have any COVID-19 disease symptoms or get positive PCR result you must IMMIDETIALLY isolate yourself into your accommodation and contact Secto Automotive Rally Finland COVID-19 Manager for more instructions. Local health authotorities will give quarantine orders if necessary.

General COVID-19 instructions

AKK Sports Ltd. ja Secto Automotive Rally Finland will follow Finnish Government’s and local health care authorities’ orders and instructions to ensure safe Secto Automotive Rally Finland for each attendee.

The following essentials on how to protect yourself and your loved ones from a coronavirus infection:

  • If you get symptoms, go get tested for coronavirus and otherwise stay at home.
  • Minimize contacts and remember to keep a distance of more than 2 metres to others.
  • Wash your hands and cough in your sleeve.
  • Use hand disinfectant!
  • Wear a mask when you are in places where there are other people.
  • Keep the Koronavilkku app on and follow its instructions.

Persons NOT entering HD area (LD Media etc.)

All persons entering Finland from abroad for Finland for Secto Automotive Rally Finland other than HD area (LD Media etc.) MUST comply with information in this letter except the HD area PCR testing. LD Media attendees’ must accredit themselves in COVID Centre.

Persons entering Secto Automotive Rally Finland from within Finland must complete the COVID Accreditation form and accredit themselves in COVID Centre. No COVID-19 testing is needed for those persons.


NOTE! Spectators will only need to comply with Finnish Border Guard’s, Finnish Government and Finnish Health Care professionals’ rules and instructions. See more info on coming to Finland at: The organizer also is complying with Ministry of Education and The Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare’s instructions on how to prevent COVID-19 infections:

It is NOT needed for spectators to accredit nor test themselves.

Contact information

COVID Centre address: Schaumanin Puistotie 18, Jyväskylä (B-hall)

COVID testing facility address: Schaumanin Puistotie 18, Jyväskylä (Parking place inside the stone wall)

COVID Manager Saku Jokisalo,

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